Questions You Should Ask when Choosing a Minnesota Professional Home Inspector.

Choosing a home inspection company is an important decision for every home buyer. A thorough, pre-purchase inspection of a house can be your best defense against unwanted surprises after you move into your new home. On this page of our site, we’ll try to give you some insight into what questions you should ask when selecting a home inspection service. Even if you don’t choose Harmony Home Inspections, we’d like to help you make an educated decision.

The Company

How long have you been in the business as a home inspection company?

We have been in business since 2002. Our inspectors have had to meet stringent criteria, which includes professional training at one of the most reputable home inspection institutes in the country. We believe firmly in ongoing accountability through continuing education.  This is one of the best ways that we can support our clients in an ongoing relationship.  In our world, the learning process never stops!

Are you involved with or associated with any other business?

Yes, our training and experience has broadened into infrared testing/thermal imaging – which is closely associated with the most reputable infrared training organizations in the world.  Our involvement thermal imaging has nothing to do with merely mesmerizing a client – but rather to provide accurate assessments of heat and moisture-related issues that may be negatively affecting the home.

Do you have professional Liability insurance?

Our insurance policy covers both Errors and Omissions, as well as liability issues which arise.

Do you have Errors & Omissions insurance?

Yes, we do carry Errors & Omissions insurance; we consider this as an integral part of our goal to provide the buyer and the agent with complete confidence and satisfaction of our services. In addition we also offer with each inspection (optional) a 90 Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty. We want your buying experience to be the best memory possible – without the hassles!

Do you encourage the client to attend the inspection?

We always encourage buyers to attend the inspection. Buyers that attend have a better understanding of the property as viewed by the inspector and are better able to read and interpret the final report. The buyer’s attendance also helps them understand the scope of a home inspection as well as the limitations.

How soon can you typically schedule an inspection?

An inspection can usually be scheduled within one or two days.

How long will the inspection take?

A typical inspection of a 2400 square foot home will take approximately 3 hours.

The Inspector

What is your experience in residential inspections?

Our steady commitment to the home inspection industry since 2002 extends into all types of home construction dwellings, as our volume of business has exceeded 1,000 homes in the past two years alone.  Knowing not only what to look for, how to accurately assess different systems, and how to translate all of our findings into a presentable format to our clients . . . All of this is merely an extension of our commitment to our clients’ peace of mind in one of the most important investments of their lives!  Every inspection draws upon the years of training and experiences of not only our efforts, but also a continuing engagement with associations that are closely linked to the home inspection industry.

How does your commitment to other Inspector Associations protect your clients?

Continuing memberships are in place – with ASHI, NAHI, MSHI, MAHI, BBB, Angie’s List, United Infrared.  Our level of involvement is equal to our desire to provide the best possible services to our clients!  The National Association of Home Inspectors, the American Society of Home Inspectors, Midwest Association of Home Inspectors, Minnesota Certified Home Inspections . . . All of these are evidence of our attitude and commitment to excellence!

The Inspection Report

How much will the inspection cost?

The inspection fees vary slightly depending on the size and age of the house. A full inspection of a 2400 square foot house is $340.00. Radon testing is also arranged per your request. This is a value-added service performed in accordance with EPA protocols, and pricing is $150 for an average sized home. Please call our office at (763) 442-0084 for a specific quotation.

What will the inspection report include?

A full inspection covers the Site/Grounds, Exterior, Structural Components, Foundation, Roof, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC, Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Interior.

How is the report delivered?

Because our client base is at times national and international, for your convenience we upload the inspection report and make it available to you – wherever you may be. In addition, we provide a homeowners manual that contains many pages and illustrations of helpful home maintenance tips.

Is the report hand written or computer based?

The report is computer generated. There are no sloppy hand-written checklists. Ever!

How soon is the report available?

The report is available for your convenience – on our web uplink, where you can view your report – within 12-24 hours..

Can we see a sample of your report?

A sample report is available to view here

Does the report conform to ASHI® Standards?

Our reports conform to (AND EXCEED) the ASHI® Standards of Practice – as well as the NAHI Standards of Practice.

Among the most important aspects of purchasing a new home is a professional home inspection. The professional home inspectors with Harmony Home Inspections provide certified home inspections throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota. With our broad knowledge of homes and our professional demeanor, it’s easy to see why so many home buyers turn to us for Minneapolis professional home inspector services.

For years, we have been putting our knowledge to work for a countless number of home buyers in Minnesota. We ensure that each of our certified home inspections in Minneapolis is approached with the utmost care. Nothing is overlooked, leaving you feeling secure about the status of your home. Our aim to educate each client on their home and the standards we hold it against is imperative. Gaining the proper knowledge from your home inspection is the only way to keep your house continually safe and functional.

Getting your home inspected is extremely important whether you’re purchasing a new home or looking to sell your home. When searching for a professional home inspector in Minnesota, trust in the professionals at Harmony’s certified home inspections. Keeping countless homes in Minneapolis consistently inspected, up to strict standards and, above all, safe, is our number one priority.

Thank you for visiting Harmony Home Inspections. We hope you find the information you are looking for here on our website. Continue browsing for home inspection advice, testimonials and more. If you have questions about any of our services, feel free to call us at 763-442-0084 or via email at dwklutch@nsatel.net. Trust Harmony Home Inspections for all of your Minneapolis, MN home inspection needs!

“Super Thorough!”


Dave our certified inspector immediately made me feel at ease during a time that I was feeling anxious. He has a calming spirit and was very professional when it came to his inspections. He had no problem answering any questions that my husband or I had. One thing that I can say about Dave's inspections is that he is super thorough and his attention do detail is superb. This is super important especially when buying a home. His inspection finding were listed in a 61 page report and I was pleased to find included items that should be looked at or fixed in order to avoid future damages. If you are looking for a great home inspector, I would recommend Dave any day!!!

Angie's List

“Nothing Left Unturned”


Dave did an EXCELLENT job. He was very thorough and answered all my questions in great
detail. Nothing was left unturned

Angies List - Home Buyer

“Prompt, professional and very personable”


Dave Klutch was very thorough, responsive and went the extra mile when it came to their inspection and their radon testing. He is friendly, prompt, professional and very personable - will definitely continue to refer him as an inspector in the future. Dave is also reasonable, prompt, thorough and takes his time explaining everything while doing the inspection and spends time with his clients afterwards. Definitely a quality inspector:)

Pam Howard - Realtor Re/Max Results

“Certification in the Business”


Dave was responsive, professional, and provided a thorough home inspection. We felt that we were in good hands, because Dave walked us through all findings and educated us on various outcomes of the inspection. The inspection report was extremely thorough and easy to understand. Dave was punctual for both the appointment and in providing the report, and was excellent at communicating expectations. Our inspection included: full inspection of home, inside and out, as described on the company website; radon testing; infrared testing for insulation. We chose Harmony, because of Dave's professionalism, including responsiveness and many years of experience and certification in the business. We plan to hire Dave again when future inspection needs arise. We also plan to refer Dave to any family and friends looking for an inspector. We enjoyed working with Dave so much and appreciate the high quality level of service.

Angie's List

“Cool gadgets!”


Dave was absolutely excellent. I couldn't have been happier with his demeanor or the job he did. He was happy to have me and my father at the home the entire time and took the time to answer our questions and go over his findings. He even entertained my father by showing him all his cool gadgets! When he realized the attic seal had not been broken, and we couldn't get a hold of the sellers to get permission to open it, he used his infrared gun to make sure it was well insulated. I had his full report in my inbox by the next morning. The report was extremely thorough and had great pictures and details. I couldn't have asked for a better inspector and I am very happy and confident to be moving forward on my first home purchase. I will definitely be calling Dave in the future!

Angie's List - First Time Homebuyer

“A True Professional”


Dave has been my inspector of choice for the past two years. He is a true professional. He responds promptly to my client's inspection requests. He has a calm demeanor about him and that helps him deliver inspection results in a way that is informative to the buyer and doesn't create panic or alarm. He has worked with all different types of buyers and seems to be able to read each personality type. Some buyers like every detail, some just want the highlights of the inspection. Dave knows how to handle them all with professionalism and grace. I highly recommend Dave for your home inspection needs.

Angie's List

“Explained everything to us”


Dave did a phenomenal job. He caught all kinds of things we would never have seen and the seller agreed to all the fixes we requested, probably based on Dave's amazingly detailed report. On top of a great inspection he really explained everything to us and gave us lots of tips on home some of the home systems work. He was really an expert, but also incredibly helpful and friendly. I don't think you could find a better inspection or inspector.

Angie's List

“Recommended by my realtor”


This company was recommended by my realtor, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Dave Klutch, the owner, was knowledgeable, thorough, punctual, and extremely nice. He allowed me to accompany him for the inspection and ask questions. He provided a very detailed report of all the problems and potential future problems with the house. He was excellent, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Angie's List

“Wish we had someone like him when we purchased our first home”


Provided exactly what we, as the buyers, were hoping to see in an inspection report. More than enough detail to make an informed and correct decision on the purchase of the home. Couldn't be more pleased - and wish we had someone like him when we purchased our first home many years ago.

Angie's List

“Years of Experience”


Dave has years of experience with old and new homes that he taps to provide you a very comprehensive assessment of your home. He did an outstanding job!

Redfin - Buyer

“This is unusual for home inspections”


As you know, I have had many clients call me after an inspection with you and thank me for your referral. This is unusual for home inspections. The feedback from the realtors and clients you have worked with is in regard to your thorough inspections and honest opinions about the home or its functions. Most impressive is your overall professionalism from prompt follow up and follow thru and the way you treat others with dignity and respect. The way you manage your business is honorable and that is why I continue to refer many realtors and clients to use your services.

A referral is a direct reflection of my business and not something I take lightly. I have spent a decade on building my business and reputation by planting seed from a place of contribution and harvesting the fruit of my diligent work. It is clear you operate in the same manner and enjoy the same results.

Molly Nadeau-Peterson - Waterstone Mortgage

“Honest about problems that could arise”


Dave was exactly who you want inspecting your home. He gave us lots of insight on repairs that need to be made and was honest about problems that could arise.

Redfin - First Time Buyer

“Renegotiated our purchase”


Dave was very thorough, explained many things to us, and also provided us with a lengthy printout of all the things that should be corrected on the house (which we are using to work our way thru projects). No question was too stupid to ask! He provided us with the information we needed to re-negotiate our purchase, based on the many things that needed to be fixed. Would certainly hire again.

Angie's List

“He caught several items the seller didn't disclose!”


Dave did a great job at our home inspection! He was extremely thorough and let us tag along during the inspection. He caught several items that the seller did not disclose to us. Thanks to his work, we were able to purchase our home with full visibility to needed repairwork!

Redfin - First Time Homebuyer

“We could not be any happier”


We could not be any happier with our choice of Harmony Home for our inspection. Dave spent 3 hours crawling in, on, out, under, and over every inch of the house. The report was so detailed and included helpful suggestions. I would, and will, suggest them to anyone needing a home inspection!

Angie's List

“Brought in Additional Resources to Check Problems”


Dave Klutch is a wonderful professional and person providing in-depth and complete home inspection services. Dave provided insight to many things during the inspection and also helped bring in additional resources to check problematic areas outside the scope of general inspections. I highly recommend Dave Klutch and his services!

Redfin - Buyer