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Why Minnesota Home Sellers Use Harmony Home Inspections

If you’re selling your home you know how competitive it can be.  Performing repairs, hiring the right realtor, and staging your house – all involve your most valuable possession:  your time.  Here are five reasons for you to consider in hiring Harmony Home Inspections to perform a pre-sale inspection:


Minnesota Home Inspector
Get a Sold Sign by Hiring Harmony Home Inspections
  • Set Your Home Apart From Others On The Market – Having a home inspection from Harmony Home Inspections can help your potential buyers feel more at ease knowing that your home is in top notch shape.  Placing a printed report on your dining room table will communicate diligence (on your part)!
  • Give Potential Buyers Peace Of Mind – An inspected home breeds buyer confidence!  Full disclosure to a prospective buyer (showing findings from initial pre-sale inspection, with receipts for repairs) communicates a level of trust to the buyer that you really want!
  • Help Prioritize Repairs to produce Optimal Results – You can use your initial report to categorize and organize repairs.  You pick the replacement parts – without having to negotiate upgrades with a buyer.
  • Reduce Lost Time in negotiating with a buyer – An inspected home reflects quality care and value.  With a fully disclosed report, the serious buyers will have confidence to proceed with their offers, and your time will be well-spent!
  • Help Remove Negotiating Room – because You Already Know of Home Issues – By knowing what the issues are (as disclosed in your report), you can greatly reduce price haggling over defects (already addressed and corrected).  Buyers will have a greater appreciation for a home that is not only pre-inspected, but also reflects good care and maintenance!

If you are looking for a good Minnesota home inspection company give us a call at (763)442-0084 or you can also order a home inspection online.